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Stopping the clock on diabetes! 

Abarceo Pharma has identified a novel diabetes target located on beta cells and a novel mechanism of action enabling a therapeutic treatment to revert beta cells from dysfunctional to functional, preserving beta cell function and allowing patients to produce their insulin again, naturally. Abarceo is in the preclinical phase of drug development.

Reviving Beta Cells

Beta cells of diabetes patients are dysfunctional - lacking the ability to respond to physiologic changes in glucose: They are “lazy”, but viable and retain the ability to produce insulin once revived. Abarceo Pharma has identified a novel diabetes target and has elucidated the key to the revival of dysfunctional beta cells enabling a resetting of the beta cell to a functional and healthy state. Upon treatment, dysfunctional “lazy” beta cells are revived and able to respond to physiologic changes in blood glucose producing insulin naturally. This represents the first potential disease modifying treatment for type-2 diabetes which addresses the disease at the root and allows for durable and sustained glycemic control - by altering the natural history of the disease.


About us

Abarceo Pharma is a spin out of Lund University Diabetes Center and is located in Malmo Sweden. Scientific founders Prof. Claes Wollheim, MD and Associate Prof. Albert Salehi are world-class experts in beta cell biology. Abarceo Pharma is a Lund University Holding company and was founded in December 2017. The company is dedicated to developing novel therapeutics for type-2 diabetes based upon a deep molecular and genetic understanding of the disease.

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